Bung Opener

The Precision Technik Bung Opener is designed to allow remote opening of pressurized or bulging drums. To enhance operator safety the bung opener is remotely controlled. Compressed gas activates an impact wrench positioned over the bung which is then rapidly and efficiently removed. The impact wrench is fitted with special attachments designed to remove the bung from a variety of drums. The unit is locked onto bulging drums by means of built-in extension clamps.

The Bung Opener is constructed of anodized aluminum, and can fit drums up to 34″ in diameter.


  • Total Weight
    22 Pounds
  • Maximum Drum Size
    34 inches)
  • Dimensions (h/w/l)
    16”/20”/ 32”
  • Material of Construction
    Anodized Aluminum


  • High Flow Pressure Regulator
  • High Flow Pressure Regulator
  • Adapter for Polyethylene Bungs

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